About Ann


accompanies the people for several years as TraumaSpecialist and ValuesCoach in the specially created setting SPACE IN BEING.

The musician, dreamtime traveler and bonding expert unites in her essence shamanic knowledge and profound know-how about "trauma as an opportunity", which she brings to the world in groups and individual sessions.

The basis for her extraordinary pearl diving lies in her work and experience as a humanist, project manager, multi-specialist body psychotherapist, values ​​coachess, passionate researcher, life artist - and in the deep respect for the archaic dream-time knowledge that lives in her.

Beyond the sphere of activity at the two on-site locations in Freiburg and Staufen and the on-site presence in companies, their offer is available nationwide via OnlineSessions.

Born in the shadow of the post-war Germany in the GDR, the PearlDiver feels like a global citizen and lives this purpose in world-wide traveling and healing . In the consciousness network Global Healing Lines initiated by her, healers from all over the world weave their presence into an invisible supporting field.

With much pleasure she is in a lively professional exchange with her partner Henrik Langholf. World-conscious companies and social and cultural institutions benefit from the clarity and strength of the cooperation between SPACE IN BEING and ZukunftsModeration!.

Ann lives with her family in Staufen and feels very connected to this region. Together with others, she explores the conditions for "A good life for all" in projects such as FORUM COURAGE Markgräfler Land or The Art of Pearl Diving.

My Fields of work


Individual sessions, open workshops, closed research groups, on-site coaching in companies, online consultation

Translation about to come

• Therapeutische Einzelbegleitung mit dem Fokus auf Traumalösung
• Seismographin/Sounding Board bei Veränderungsprozessen in Unternehmen
• WerteCoaching von Führungskräften
• Supervision für Menschen, die mit Menschen arbeiten (Schwerpunkt: soziale Einrichtungen)
• Fortbildungen/ Vermittlung von Basis-Wissen zu individuellen und kollektiven TraumaDynamiken
• Leitung von Gruppen: verkörperte Präsenz, authentische Begegnung, individuelle Sinnfindung
• Begleitung von Menschen in spirituellen (Sinn-)Krisen
• Paar-Begleitung
• Unterstützung junger Eltern


Translation about to come

• Master Stratégies des Echanges Culturels Internationaux, Université Lyon 2
• Master of Arts Sozial- und Geisteswissenschaften, Frankreich- Zentrum Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
• WerteCoaching: Zertifikat Logotherapie und Existenanalyse nach Viktor Frankl (DGLE)
• Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®: Traumalösung nach Peter Levine
• Gruppenleitung Achtsamkeit/ Meditation/ Transparente Kommunikation nach Thomas Huebl
• Gestalt-Beraterin/ Systemische Aufstellungen: Integrative Gestalttherapie nach Fritz Perls
• Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie, Schwerpunkt Bindungsorientierte Körperpsychotherapie
• Emotionelle Erste Hilfe: Basic Bonding mit Säuglingen