Welcome to the Gap Lab Lounge

Having the courage to face the GAP! Without this courage, we would not have been able to tackle the project Water Festival Freiburg and its coming out in the summer of 2019. Transforming the impossible into possible is inviting an enormous expansion of our inner space towards inclusion of qualities and feelings such as fallibility, humility, shame and ... humour, while the legs are still firmly on the ground. Even though it did not surprise us that we were faced with "gaps" in preparing for the first events this year, it was challenging.

If we look at the topic - the plastic in the oceans, and somehow it ist just a place holder for so much more - it is all about gaps. Gaps in the connection. In us, between us, with the world, with God. Before we go into action, it is worth taking these gaps completely in. Only that gives us the safe ground from which we can take an appropriate next step.

So, within the Water Festival, there's a physical space called Gap Lab Lounge where all the unanswered questions, the unspoken, maybe the shameful is welcome and well received.

This very space continues on a virtual level in the Water Festival Freiburg facebook page, where we can show up and network with our open questions. Setting a courageous intention and then - be also open to face the gaps you find on your journey. In the Gap Lab Lounge, your burning question and your not-knowing have space. Come and join us!

By the way, in my conversation with Andre Jacomet we are tracking the hidden power hold in the ability to face the gap ... enjoy and let yourself to be moved.