From 11.-13. July, the Water Festival will take place in Freiburg for the first time. The initiator and founder Henrik Langholf has a strong vision: clean plastic-free oceans by the year 2050!
"If we can get the plastic in there, then we also have the potential to get it out again - completely."

The key to this powerful orientation is to bring together all the players (politics, industry, science, organizations, individuals) and their forces, and to provide collective intelligence with a space in which the seemingly impossible can become possible.

Welcome is EVERYONE who has a strong reputation for the subject and is ready to engage in the powerful field of this vision. The event compass is geared to "We can do it. Let us focus on and joyfully discover the unknown, to see what concrete steps are needed."

Founder and Owner: Henrik Langholf (
Co-Owner: Ann Forker ( )
Co-Owner: Daniel Bichsel (