Experience your own power

If you see this page, you may check for yourself if you are ready to follow a special invitation.

4 times a month I offer a single session with a monetary engagement of minimum 500 €. The amount you choose represents the special transformative power that can be released when you feel a clear alignment in yourself and are ready to let me accompany you to the deepest and most essential point of bounded life energy in you.

First, check the conditions for this particular setting:

- Energy and joy in the question: what do you want to change in your life?
- the power of the commitment to dedicate yourself to your cause
- the trustable coherence of our connection
- the time is right - now

The next step is a telephone interview with me and the agreement of a session appointment (live or online). From that moment on, the energy is already starting to work for you.

A telephone check-in about 3 weeks later completes the experience.