"Sande-Ann is a water-creature through and through, and much of the knowledge of the mystery of union with which she works in the world is given to her by this element." Yes that's true! Swimming with the dolphins gave me the experience of deepest joy in being alive. The wisdom chants of the whales even reach me when I'm just away from the sea - what a gift!

WATER. Most of our blue planet is covered by water, the land we live on was given to us by the water, it emerges from the oceans. Can you feel that you are coming from there?

PLASTIC - invented, produced and circulated in bulk, without the creator knowing about an organic recycling process. Nature doesn't know either.

Before we close this gap, we have to feel it deeply. What burning question rises in YOU when you connect with the ocean?

We don't need any more pictures from the dark side to be convinced that is is time for a change. Where beings and things are connected there IS change. It appears naturally, arises out from the love in our hearts.

Water Festival Freiburg.

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