The Key

We all have deep within ourselves the clarity of who we are and what we want to contribute to our world. In most cases, this knowledge is in any way buried, falsified or lost its attractiveness and power through the circumstances of life. To feel ourselves no longer in our powerful essence calls us clearly into our own responsibility: we are asked to make the missing connections accessible again. Nobody will relieve us of this task.

Finding and restoring missing connections is a repetitive process of strengthening and maturing our personality, which is part of our natural growth. For that we have to dive deep from time to time.

I work process-oriented. My focus is well summarized with the words "personal and spiritual grow meets grounded nervous system".

I work in the three areas Trauma Release, Supervision & Knowledge Transfer and Values Coaching.

It is my pleasure to SEE, where at this moment your highest possibility lies.

Pearl Diving - Energy Release

Pearl Dive allows us immediate access to the full power of our original life energy. We are ON again. Traumas, accepted beliefs, shocking events, permanently curtailed living conditions - there are many reasons why we do not feel the power actually invested in us. And many more reasons to bring them back to us - about the revival of broken connections.


Dream Time Travel - listening with 11 senses | Somatic Experiencing® - traveling with a grounded nervous system | Gestalt - life moving on other levels | Mind and Value Coaching - Staying True to Your Own Core | Body Therapy - Experiencing with All Sense | Philosophy - what does people mean | Spiritual deepening - what is MY task in this world


Individual sessions, open workshops, closed research groups, on-site coaching in companies, online consultation


Trauma Integration with Somatic Experiencing | Values ​​Coaching for Executives | Systemic Organization | Project Consulting | Crisis companionship | Resolution of Transgenerational Trauma | Support in the management of teams and groups | Mediation of trauma-based knowledge | Bond-oriented Body Psychotherapy | Potential High sensitivity | Seismograph on Change Processes in Business | Supervision for Emotional First Aid | bonding

Your choice

Depending on your need and your current options, you can choose between different types of pearl dives.

Pearl Diving © - PROFOUND
You want to know it. Where you have not been so far, you want to become thorough and discover every corner of yourself. In doing so, you want to act gently, feel like you are taking "all the time in the world", subordinate yourself to your own rhythm in full consequence for a certain amount of time, and point out any apparent external pressure. Your own time safely anchored in you.

A STRONG dedication.

8-12 months

Pearl Diving © - COMPACT
You know what you want. You have a time frame in which you want to be in a different place. You do not know yet how it will look in detail. You're ready to let yourself be surprised by yourself, but at the same time, you have a clear unwavering sense of what it will feel like to be there in your essence. You confidently take the lead in your life. The time focus and your commitment for a defined number of sessions opens up undreamt of resources. 

A POWERFUL dedication. 

4-6 sessions

Pearl Diving © - POWER RELEASE
You feel it. The world needs you, your life needs you. You just want to be ON. The timing is right, your willingness to change is overripe - something can happen NOW. The clarity of your focus and your determination to change something now awakens unimagined powers. You are ready to accommodate the change and invest a substantial sum in ONE session.

A DECIDED dedication.

1 session (live or online) embedded in pre- and post-talk on the phone

Pearl Diving © - SPEED DIVING
You have been on the way for some time, you already have your practice, you know your orientation. And you do not fool yourself, you are aware that you will be tested in everyday life again and again. In these situations, you want to have a clear setting of support for you. A short telephone check-in with a trained and crystal clear present witness will bring you back "safe on track".


Short spontaneous units of about 20 minutes

Your adventure

There are obstacles on our way, and we are afraid of them. Fearing to be hurt again in our essence, we hide them from the world - and pay a heavy price for it. If we turn to the carefully protected, we touch borderland. We can not bypass or ignore the original pain. At the same time, we recover an enormous potential for life energy. We all have the ability to dive through - AND it needs someone on our side who knows it's possible. We have the courage and the strength to look and feel because someone believes steadfastly in us.

When we have dived deep enough, it becomes very simple. In keeping with our focus, we must "only" succeed in being completely PRESENT in this new place. In the pause in this place the magic happens. In a moment of silence, in which we willingly surrender ourselves, free from any expectation, to our perfect presence in the unknown, in front of our eyes, in unexpected beauty, opens a PEARL that lies beyond the imaginable. The nature of this moment is simplicity. It's easy - but not easy.For this WHOLE DA, we need exercise. And while we train in it - a safe companion!