At the beginning of 2019, Ann Forker and Henrik Langholf teamed up to let their deep understanding and individualized initial energy of WATER merge into meaningful action.

Under the umbrella of the Water Festival Freiburg different creative formats emerge, which in turn are home to the growing community.

Water Innovation Lab, Water Citizen Lab, Gap Lab Lounge and the Water Celebration Night are part of the annual Summer Events. As part of the emerging Water Innocation Academy, there are monthly community meetings (Water Festival Forum) and an online congress is planed for the near futue. That creates continuity for the space of collective intelligence that is in effect since the first Water Festival in July 2019.


From 11.-13. July, the Water Festival will take place in Freiburg for the first time. The initiator and founder Henrik Langholf has a strong vision: clean plastic-free oceans by the year 2050!
"If we can get the plastic in there, then we also have the potential to get it out again - completely."

The key to this powerful orientation is to bring together all the players (politics, industry, science, organizations, individuals) and their forces, and to provide collective intelligence with a space in which the seemingly impossible can become possible.

Welcome is EVERYONE who has a strong reputation for the subject and is ready to engage in the powerful field of this vision. The event compass is geared to "We can do it. Let us focus on and joyfully discover the unknown, to see what concrete steps are needed."

Founder and Owner: Henrik Langholf (
Co-Owner: Ann Forker ( )
Co-Owner: Daniel Bichsel (

Become a member

Das Water Festival Freiburg ist eine Bewegung, die HEUTE und MIT DIR beginnt.
Das Water Festival entsteht durch DEINE brennende Frage!

Als Mitglied wirst du Teil der Water Festival Community und findest das ganze Jahr hindurch konkrete Räume, um dich einzubringen und mitzugestalten. Es öffnet dir auch die Möglichkeit zur Teilnahme am jährlichen Sommer-Event in Freiburg.

Alle Infos zu Mitgliedschaft, Tickets und Programm findest du auf der  Water Festival Freiburg Homepage. Auf Tuchfühlung mit uns und dem Thema transforming ocean plastics bleibst du über die Water Festival Facebook Seite.


Your decision to connect with the Water Festival Community alone makes it possible. Your membership makes the festival live. Your contribution, financially, contentwise, energetically, is enabling.

At the heart of the movement are the initiator and festival founder Henrik Langholf and values coach and festival designer Ann Forker. While Henrik, a seasoned "Zukunftsmoderator", is very much in his operative manifestation power, Sande-Ann, with her lively research spirit as a connection expert, brings in alternatives to classical project management. With courage and joy, both of them translate their vision of a new WE and their knowledge of the power of collective intelligence into the organization of this concrete event.

The capital of the core team is a deep love of water. For more than 3 years, a lot of time and energy has been spent in visioning, deepening, planning and implementing the project.

Now is the time to demand additional manpower and solid financing for production, so that the whole thing is well on the ground. Your membership in your power as Active Citizen, Investor by Heart, Partner in Crime, Innovator or Game Changer, is part of it.

Maybe you also want to bring in as a gift your special know-how in the areas of graphics, communication, event organization, fundraising? Do you want to organize a crowd funding * for the first live event in July or bring you, your time and talents as a volunteer in the specific event days?

In what step could be an opportunity for you to outgrow yourself, as you know yourself so far? This is the invitation and challenge that we ourselves experience through the project "Water Festival Freiburg" and we look forward to continuing on our way in a growing team with high synchronicity and fun.

If you are interested in our sources of inspiration, here you`ll find some food for thought:

Otto C. Scharmer: "Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies. Applying Theory U to transforming Business, Society, and Self", Berret Koehler Publishers Inc.
Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker: " Come On! Capitalism, Short-termism, Population and the Destruction of the Planet", Springer Science & Business Media LLC
Charles Eisenstein: "Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition", North Atlantic Books Berkeley, California
Peter A. Levine: "In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness", North Atlantic Books Berkeley, California
Thomas Hübl: " The Power of We: Awakening in the Relational Field", Audible CD

* A first initiative - LIVING ABUNDANCE - which allows the core team to keep on putting a lot of their time and energy into the project - is already in place.

The Gap Lab Lounge

Having the courage to face the GAP! Without this courage, we would not have been able to tackle the project Water Festival Freiburg and its coming out in the summer of 2019. Transforming the impossible into possible is inviting an enormous expansion of our inner space towards inclusion of qualities and feelings such as fallibility, humility, shame and ... humour, while the legs are still firmly on the ground. Even though it did not surprise us that we were faced with "gaps" in preparing for the first events this year, it was challenging.

If we look at the topic - the plastic in the oceans, and somehow it ist just a place holder for so much more - it is all about gaps. Gaps in the connection. In us, between us, with the world, with God. Before we go into action, it is worth taking these gaps completely in. Only that gives us the safe ground from which we can take an appropriate next step.

So, within the Water Festival, there's a physical space called Gap Lab Lounge where all the unanswered questions, the unspoken, maybe the shameful is welcome and well received.

This very space continues on a virtual level in the Water Festival Freiburg facebook page, where we can show up and network with our open questions. Setting a courageous intention and then - be also open to face the gaps you find on your journey. In the Gap Lab Lounge, your burning question and your not-knowing have space. Come and join us!

By the way, in my conversation with Andre Jacomet we are tracking the hidden power hold in the ability to face the gap ... enjoy and let yourself to be moved.