Come - let's go pearl diving

Welcome - here it is all about connection.

When something goes "wrong" some kind of connection got lost.
To myself. With the people around me. With the world. With God.

The future of our planet depends on our willingness and our capability to relate.
Am I there? And do I feel connected on all levels?

And the cracks that we experience in our lives are C-H-A-N-C-E-S.

A precise re-negociation of our lost connections the door to a deeper dimension of us as human beings. We are invited to grow into our true potential and into the freedom to take a new responsibility.

No matter what creates this moment of pause and silence in you - it is precious!

Let us follow your anticipation of something beyond daily life consciousness.  As a pearl diver I would like to give you an experience of coherence. What is the right place for you in this very moment? How appears the feeling of significance in you? Do you know the name of your hidden grief that could close the gap between what you are able to perceive and what is, what can be?

Are you ready for the next step? Then come and join me for the wonderful discovery journey of yours - I promise it won't be anything less than a common pearl dive. 

Beside of my profound know-how in terms of trauma therapy and value coachingI have the honor to feel connected to the flow of a deep old wisdom in me.   

I am the pearl diver and expert of connection on your site - you choose the form of support that fits your needs most. And we travel light - with clarity, humour, seriousness and joy we discover the treasures of the depth.

Dive deep & the magic will happen,

Sande-Ann Maila Forker


Becoming Essence

Tiefen Coaching meets Somatic Experiencing

BecomingEssence allows us immediate access to the full power of our original life energy. We are ON again. Traumas, accepted beliefs, shocking events, permanently curtailed living conditions - there are many reasons why we do not feel the power actually invested in us. And many more reasons to bring them back to us - about the revival of broken connections.

We all have deep within ourselves the clarity of who we are and what we want to contribute to our world. In most cases, this knowledge is in any way buried, falsified or lost its attractiveness and power through the circumstances of life. To feel ourselves no longer in our powerful essence calls us clearly into our own responsibility: we are asked to make the missing connections accessible again. Nobody will relieve us of this task.

Finding and restoring missing connections is a repetitive process of strengthening and maturing our personality, which is part of our natural growth. For that we have to dive deep from time to time.

THE JOURNEY: There are obstacles on our way, and we are afraid of them. Fearing to be hurt again in our essence, we hide them from the world - and pay a heavy price for it. If we turn to the carefully protected, we touch borderland. We can not bypass or ignore the original pain. At the same time, we recover an enormous potential for life energy. We all have the ability to dive through - AND it needs someone on our side who knows it's possible. We have the courage and the strength to look and feel because someone believes steadfastly in us.

When we have dived deep enough, it becomes very simple. In keeping with our focus, we must "only" succeed in being completely PRESENT in this new place. In the pause in this place the magic happens. In a moment of silence, in which we willingly surrender ourselves, free from any expectation, to our perfect presence in the unknown, in front of our eyes, in unexpected beauty, opens a PEARL that lies beyond the imaginable. The nature of this moment is simplicity. It's easy - but not easy.For this WHOLE DA, we need exercise. And while we train in it - a safe companion!

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