Inviting abundance

YES, you discovered my ad in A Bulletin or you got another secret hint! And you became curious ...

Just by following your curiosity, you are giving me pleasure! And joy is already pretty close to fullness, isn't it

My vocation to be a PearlDiver in the world keeps asking for many small and some great basic decisions from me. Basically, life tests me daily, how serious I am and asks me just as conscientiously, if I'm reaching out to my highest potential and how much joy I feel in the way I am here and in what I do.

Currently I am in for a bigger decision. As a result, I feel compelled to begin to decouple my work from my income. And in doing so to inspire other people to dare the same. 

This work in the 1 to 1 exchange of "I offer you something and you pay me directly for it" is functioning somehow. But increasingly it also feels artificial and limited, reduced, narrow - inorganic.

I am realizing for myself how much joy I have in giving. And how happy I am about gifts!
There I feel much more the quality of love and freedom. "Living in the Gift," as Charles Eisenstein calls it.

Are you the same? Would you like to start being in the world, living, loving, working ... out of a really new attitude - feeling this inner joy? All areas of life are touched by it.

Some more words about my vision

My vision: each and every one is exactly in the place where he/she feels comfortable, enabled and supported by a community to do what he/she does best - with space and time to grow into new possibilities that are dormant inside.

- What conditions actually create such a creative space of growth?
- How does living together in a new WE as an organic community secures a good ground?
- Which attitude, which actions serve this organic flow?
- How do we consistently give each other pleasure?

These lively questions live in me and move me.

An inspiring and significant impuls in it is Charles Eisenstein's idea of ​​an economy of giving ("The Gift Economy").

I am a healer, a seer. In acknowledging that I experience myself very close to the nature and the work of an artist rather then a businesswoman. I dive deep, I boldly dwell in the shadows, I accompany people and projects through the challenges of their adventure journey.

I give away myself. That is appropriate to the nature of my work.

How are you at the place where you are in your life right now?
How do you feel today about the way you are acting in the world?
Do you know your orientation for the time you can spent on this wonderful planet?
Do you feel connected to what you do and do you live out of your essence?
Can you feel the power, the joy and the secure ground this knowledge is creating in you?
Which open question is burning in you right now?

Let's start a conversation on it :-)

Please get in touch!